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Project Management TSR Solutions Project Management Process

Project Management, simply put, is the general supervision, management and organization of any type of new venture. More specifically, the project manager assigned by TSR Solutions provides the inital planning and scheduling, oversees project tasks, as well as progress and maintains a regular dialog with you, the client.

Coordinating project tasks among multi-company teams or multi location teams can be a challange for any project manager.  Team members may be on different computer systems, in different locations and possibly different time zones.

TSR Solutions streamlines communications, keeps track of critical dates and meets regularly with your via telephone, web conference or ideally in person. TSR's Project Manager's are results oriented, focusing on systematic task managememt that gives you the most "Bang for your Buck".

1. Project Kickoff 
a. Analysis and planning (task durations, resource allocation, budget allocations)
2. Concept Review
a. Meet with teams and communicate objectives
3. Engineering Review
a. Internal review with TSR personnel
b. Final Design Review (FDR)with client
4. Production
a. Monthly budget reviews (ETC's)
b. Weekly status on procurement process
5. Acceptance
a. Internal Acceptance with TSR personnel
b. Factory Acctepance Testing (FAT) demonstration for client
6. Installation/Integration
a. Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) demonstration for client
7. Post Analysis
a. "Lessons Learned"
Someone once said "Don't you love it when a plan comes together?".  It's true.  As a project manager, to be able to report at the end of the project that objectives have been fully met, is a significant achievement, whatever the project size and complexity.  With the right mix of skills and experience, a good project manager is positioned for success.  We at TSR take pride in this.

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