We understand the complexities and challanges of turnkey system and various product assembly configurations.  Our automation knowledge, multi-disciplinart engineering and project management skillset qualify us to manufacture and supopr tyour products and systems.  Our processes and portocols are enhanced to provide quality, efficiency and agility in an effort to pass on cost effective manufacturing to you, the client.
Procurement and Materials Management
To maintain delivery schedules and efficient yse of capital, we manage critical inventory, suppliers and procurement programs.
We assemble mechanical, electrical and pneumatic sub-assemblies prior to installing them into higher level assemblies.  We inspect and test all sub level components prior to final system assembly.
Our technicians follow detailed assembly protocols to install sub-assemblies and system interconnects to the top level system.
TSR Solutions collaborates with you prior to Factory Acceptance Testing to design and develop test protocols to ensure and qulify the equipment's funtionality.
Software/PLC Program Installation/Configuration
We Install control software and custom configure equipment to your company's equipment and user requirement specifications.
Extended Testing and Dry-Cycling
If needed, we will perform extended time period cycling to meet your requirements.  Each of our systems goes through specific checklists to ensure proper form, fit and function during the Electro-Mechanical assembly process.  Non-Compliance of any sort is documented for Engineering review and disposition.  Prior to any TSR Client visiting our facility for Factory Acceptance Testing there has been 8-24 hours of Debug and Operational testing to ensure compliance ot set specifications.
Final Assembly and System Integration
Functional Testing
TSR Solutions, LLC
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Assembly and Test

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