Our Company
TSR Solutions is a leading provider of engineering smaller scale automationand techninical services worldwide.  We are a diverse company offering expertise in project management, engineering, techincal writing and machine building.  We focus on key strategic alliances to collectively provide services and solutions to meet our clients' needs. We use our vast base of expert resources to offer innovative and cost effective solutions to the market.  In a fast paced world with high demand for limited resources, TSR Solutions offers clear robust solutions made possible with understanding, innovation and ingenuity.
Our Principles
Our core principles are the foundation of how we work to gether to serve our clients.
  • Service: TSR Solutions puts its clients first.  We listen better to understand our clients' needs and deliver smart, practical solutions
  • Value: TSR Solutions takes on our clients' problems as if they were our own.  We develop and implement solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and robust.
  • Excellence: TSR Solutions brings superior technical capability, disciplined execution and excellence in safety and quality to all our work.
  • Opprotunity: Our people and partners are our number one asset.  Our workforce is diverse and includes leading experts in our fields.  Our entrepreneurial nature and dedication to success provide ongoing challanges and opportunities for all our associates.
TSR Solutions, LLC
Project Management and Automation Engineering Technology
........."Engineering Intelligence for today's emerging markets"...............

About TSR Solutions

Our Markets
Our primary focus is in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Product and Automotive industries.

Our Mission
TSR Solutions is a technically advanced, customer service-oriented company that strives for excellence through personal and collaborative efforts while creating value for its clients, associates investors and strategic partners.

Our History
TSR Solutions was established in 2006 to provide engineering services related to the Medical Device and Automotive high/low volume automation demand.  Over the years, TSR Solutions has substantially increased the size and scope of its business and expanded its service offerings through a series of strategic alliances and internal growth.  From the beginning, TSR Solutions has attracted the best and brightest minds in manufacturing and engineering, and has always focused on bringing innovative solutions to our clients' most complex needs.  TSR Solutions is based in SE Denver, Colorado.
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